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Welcome to the Seminary Bookshelf!

The Seminary Bookshelf is a comprehensive research library in religious studies.  It is designed to provide religious professionals with a research library to support their personal growth and professional development.  A unique resource, it provides members with access to a world class research library in religious studies of over 1,300,000 ebooks (over 850,000 ebooks from the last 25 years, over 400,000 ebooks from the last 10 years and over 125,000 ebooks from the last 5 years).

The Seminary Bookshelf was created by a group of about 70 seminaries worldwide to mirror the volumes which they own in their local libraries. The library is curated with ministers, chaplains, preachers, priests, rabbis, imams and other working religious professionals in mind. The collections have tremendous breadth and depth in Biblical studies, theology, leadership, ministry, practical theology, history, counseling, pastoral care and philosophy The books are chosen by seminary professors and curated by professional theological librarians.

The Seminary Bookshelf is owned by the Digital Theological Library.

You can search the library to discover its holdings without fee or obligation. You will need to become a member of library in order to download the content. Individual memberships are $10/monthly. Click here to learn more about how to become a member.

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